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    Default Census 2018 - 40,000 'ghost houses' in Auckland

    Mr Goff wants to incentivise owners of vacant Auckland properties to rent them to rough sleepers under Housing First, or rent them to people unable to afford market rents. The HF programme places homeless in rentals with rent guarantees and support for the tenant.

    Mr Tamihere agrees with Mr Goff if the proposal is feasible.

    Properties might have been vacant on census night for any number of reasons. Some owners might be prepared to take a chance on such tenants if there are no applicants available. At all. Otherwise, good luck with that Mr Goff.

    Incentivising is only a small step away from some sort of compulsion
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    Pffttt. There is a housing shortage.

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    Perhaps if the laws weren't so lopsided and biased against home owners - people would consider renting their houses out.
    Perhaps if tenants were held responsible for the damage they cause.
    Perhaps if tenants were held responsible to pay rent on time.
    Perhaps if tenants were held responsible to not terrorise the neighbourhood.
    But no...
    The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.

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    FYI, I know of a couple of residential dwellings that would be considered "ghost houses" in Auckland.

    The property owners are based outside of Auckland, but come to Auckland for work a few days every week or to holiday to visit family (perhaps used 1 week out of 4)

    Not sure how many of the "ghost" residential properties in Auckland would in similar circumstances.

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    As I walked back from the city today I collected a large pile of cans, bottles and wrappers from a rough sleepers former encampment in the domain.

    Once they've trashed an area they seem to find it easier to move on than clean it up.

    Not sure how council would stop them doing the same with "loaned" homes.

    Of course they will say they have plans to stop that happening, but that's what HNZ say too

    and we all know how a fortune of our taxes is spent fixing damage in their houses that never needed to happen.

    does goff still have his lifestyle block?

    maybe he could lead by example and have a model tent city in his backyard to show us how

    the management of people with "complex needs", demanding wrap-around-services can be done successfully on private property in the middle of suburbia


    coming to a street near you?

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