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    Default Zero percent interest is not free money, really, it's not.

    Zero percent interest is not free money.

    It seems free.

    But when you take on a mortgage you sell hours of your life.

    By pitting bidders against each other, and loaning the money to both sides to do so, prices go up.

    As do the hours of your precious life time, dedicated to another's luxury.

    It's effectively an arms race, where one nation gives increasingly more devastating weapons to both sides.

    But how much of our lives have they tricked us out of?

    Take a million dollar mortgage say, and an ability to save $20 per hour.

    $ 1000,000 divided by $20 = 50,000 hours.

    0r 24 years.

    It's a life sentence.

    (someone might want to check the math.)


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