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    Default Where should money circulate? - One for the thinkers.

    Where should money circulate?

    Money circulates in different areas of our society.

    Some of it circulates in the housing sector.
    This money keeps builders, timber merchants and real estate agents, etc busy.

    Some of it circulates in the Methamphetamine sector, keeping the criminal underworld and customs etc busy.

    I suspect in places like North Korea, money circulates in neither of these places.

    Sometimes, over time, money can mutate from one circulation path to another.
    The telegraph for example, all the telegraph money probably ended up in the telephone sector.

    The thing is this.
    Wherever money circulates, there is an opportunity for the people involved in it's circulation to clip the ticket.
    And have a jolly good lifestyle doing it.

    Weather or not a particular money path is a benefit or a hazard to society, is another matter (Vaping).

    You can usually tell where the most money is circulating, because there are correspondingly big buildings at the center of your local city,
    (Housing the top dogs of that particular sector).

    My question is this.
    Do we really still need banks and insurance agencies, and huge computer based enterprises?
    Do they actually offer our society any needed services?
    Or like Vaping, are they just another human folly, one that misdirects money and time into unproductive, wasteful, and possibly harmful areas.

    It's an interesting idea.

    Take banks for example.
    Original function, hold your gold in a safe.
    Secondary function, have another goldsmith in another city cash your gold receipt to save you travelling with pockets full of the yellow stuff.
    Present function, warping and distorting the activities in certain sectors, at the whim of certain individuals.

    To make it blunt-
    Original function, security.
    Secondary function, convenience.
    Present function, control.
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