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    Default Who benifits from money? - another one for the thinkers and multitaskers.

    Who benefits from Money?

    When Money is in the form of Gold, who can benefit from it?

    Probably only the holder.
    (At the point of exchanging it for consumable goods).

    Silver, possibly the same.
    (but don't forget the wider society also benefits, (from having a way to trade efficiently( internally and with other nations)).

    Now, think of Paper Money, issued directly by the Crown, good for paying taxes, but unlike Gold, who ever is in charge of printing the paper can skew the system to their own benefit. Usually a King or a Government... (so accountable in some way).

    Now, think of Electronic Credit Money.
    Never sitting idle in a wallet (or back pocket), while you stole down the to the shops to buy lunch.
    The Electronic numbers are always working, always in the Bank's ledger books.

    But for whom do they run so desperatly?
    You? Your Government? Your County?
    Who is that high speed, nose to the grindstone, e-money, breaking it's little back for?

    And do you want that benefit to go to that group?
    Is that group using its privileged position to the benefit of us all?

    A good way to think of it is to consider a world run on barter, or a world run on swapping gold and silver.
    What would that world look like.
    Where would the wealth and power reside.
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