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    Default Home and income addressing

    Hi all
    My partner and I have a very large rumpus room downstairs and we were considering subdividing it into a separate unit, but we don't meet the land size requirements. But, we can turn our home into a home and income, which is great. My question is this... If we go ahead and put a unit in downstairs, will we get a separate address for the mail box? Like 1/x Tawera Rd? I ask because if our would be tenants order a pizza for example, how will they know there are two dwellings on the property, not just one?

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    Yes. 1 and 1a but check with your post office to have it properly registered.
    Or just tell the pizza guy to deliver to the flat downstairs and leave the name of the pickup person.

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    Or just eat the pizza and hide the evidence.

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    Interesting question however you probably need to back up a bit and consider 'how' you'd get consent for the unit.


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    paint 1A on the letter box now and order the pizza see where it gets delivered to?

    If it comes to 1A your problem is solved and you didnt need to develop the unit? Win - win??


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