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    Default Defending & Preserving the 90-day Notice

    APIA FB Live: Camel, meet straw - on defending & preserving the 90-day notice

    APIA Facebook Live session

    Access link: www.facebook.com/i.like.apia (top item from 4 pm)

    Re: understanding the proposal to remove the 90-day notice, where it is legislatively, how it would affect landlords, the NZPIF's lobbying plan and how you can do to help us push back

    We are very concerned about the suggestion to remove the 90-day notice and you should be too.

    You are invited to dial into this Wednesday's Facebook live session where we will be talking to NZPIF EO Andrew King on where everything is at with the government's proposal to remove the 90-day notice.

    This is an important issue concerning all landlords and therefore a lobbying priority for landlords. We want as many landlords to be aware of what is at risk and support our drive to lobby hard against it. Please join us at this session and forward the invite to your network of investors.

    Thank you.

    When Wed Sep 18, 2019 4pm – 4:45pm New Zealand Time

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    Remember, the Government has NO data!

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    don't worry

    they'll hand-pick a panel of apparatchiks

    to cherry-pick the data they need

    for the pre-ordained outcomes that have been decided

    and when the long-term consequences turn out counterproductive

    they'll blame everyone but themselves...

    SOP, standard operating procedure

    we've seen it all before

    we'll see it all again

    as there's nothing so tempting to their voters

    as the myths of something for nothing

    + the restorative powers of fairy-dust
    Last edited by eri; 16-09-2019 at 10:00 PM.
    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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