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    Default Laissez-faire, (let it go), are you for it, will it actually work?

    Laissez-faire, (let it go).
    A French word and a fifteenth century French concoction.*

    Are you for it?

    Will it actually work?

    I've notice some people seem passionate about their rights and freedoms.(and property rights, ha)
    Oblivious to the fact that we live in a global system of reciprocal help.

    I've noticed entitlement.

    But, that's monkey stuff.

    What about pure idea stuff?

    Will a bunch of primates self organise into a functioning city, empire, and eventually global economic system?

    Is the self organising principal even real?

    Or is it all a big fraud, and are selfish, greedy,cunning groups (and individuals), simply trying to make themselves feel better, and the great unwashed, let them do it without being stoned, by claiming their outrageous behavior has scientific merit?

    Can self organising economies work?
    Are they working anywhere?
    What stops them working well?

    * note, the US DOD is one of the biggest drivers of the US economy (arguably).

    background: here.

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