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    Unhappy Vietnamese Student First Time Renting in Dunedin, NZ (2020), Needs Advice

    Hello everyone,

    Please direct me elsewhere (if you happen to know other more relevant pages or sources) if this forum is not for future tenants. I've been looking around FB groups and other sources, but they mostly yield quite generic answers from current tenants.

    Coming across this website feels like a windfall, so I'd really appreciate it if you guys (especially landlords) could lend me your perspective on the followings:

    1/ Should I deal directly with landlords or through letting agents? Are there any pros/cons to either?

    2/ Since I've never been to NZ and live with my family, is there any form of reference that may be able to assure my landlord of my suitability?

    3/ Are there anything to watch out so as to ensure that my landlord is well-meaning and honest instead of shady? I apologize for if this seems cynical or disrespectful, but I've had heard stories of abuse. Coming on a tight budget, I really need the extra caution.

    4/ I know that bond's deducted in case of damage. Therefore, should the tenancy agreement include a description of the property as of the time of agreement, based on which potential damages are identified and assessed upon termination? In my country, the landlord fixes stuff if they go out of order under normal conditions at their expenses, and only charge serious ones (repainting, furniture damage, etc.)

    I hope my questions don't sound too preposterous. If they unfortunately do, I sincerely apologize in advance. My mum is a landlord herself, and through assisting her I know how hard it is being in the position of a landlord, what with accommodating tenants' needs and requests, managing properties, and dealing with the authorities in general. So, just a simple pointer would be amazing! Sorry for the long post or any typos!

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    no 4: take photos of evverything the hour you move in. then forward any mess/rubbish/damage to LL/PM to lodge it's already there. when i was a student in Dunedin i moved in to a messy house and got billed for cleaning fee when i left in the same condition.

    1,2,3 - no hard n fast rule

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    1) No reason not to do both.

    2) Hmmm not sure.

    3) Most landlords are pretty good. To be honest, overseas people (of all nationalities) tend to get shafted by people of their own nationality.

    4) It's similar here. Yeah take some photos and you'll be fine.
    Squadly dinky do!


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