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    Default Buying Opportunity - Chippendale Crescent Birkdale

    Hi all!

    Long time lurker first time poster and hoping for some assistance. Been living in Auckland for a few years, happily renting in the CBD. Have been offered an opportunity to purchase a property in Chippendale Crescent Birkdale. Had a look today and the property is perfect and offers some great things for renovation. Just concerned about the street - plenty of new developments which I believe are Housing New Zealand properties. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on the street now?

    Much appreciated.

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    for your place of residence or a rental?

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    Hi thanks for the reply, so was thinking as place of residence while we do some work to it - at least twelve to eighteen months. Thanks

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    My son just sold his place in Beach Haven to HNZ, 3 unit site. It is flanked by 5 other HNZ sites, all 3 units. Over the back from his place HNZ built some terraced housing and they are building similar on his old place.
    It's pretty gnarly there now, personally I would steer clear of the area.


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