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    Sorry - I was not implying anything beyond the report seemed to have gaps / holes in it.

    Perhaps like certain gummint data?

    Painful reading, really. Tis certainly a bit of a mish-mash, too:
    18. Ms McLaren states that a majority of this damage was caused while she was
    away from the property in 2012 for about a year, although other members of the
    family continued to reside at the property, and she has remained as tenant for
    the duration of the tenancy. Ms McLaren is unsure as to how exactly the damage
    occurred but says that it was more than likely caused by throwing things around
    and playing games. I find that the damage was more likely than not caused
    Ms McLaren states that she was the victim of a home invasion and
    assault and that the damage occurred during the incident.
    No police report mentioned.
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