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    Default RTA Changes - Tenants Liability for Costs of Accidential Damage

    FacebookLive Live: Not all good news.

    12.15pm to 1 pm Wednesday 21st August

    (Re)making tenants liable for damages sounds like a great idea on the face of it. But it is not all all good news.

    Rene Swindley from Initio - Insurance Online joins us at our upcoming FB Live session to unpack the inherent operational conflicts and potential risks landlords are faced with from 27th August.

    Note this is an AMA session that assumes viewers have a good understanding of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019.

    For background reading and the link go to https://www.apia.org.nz/apia-blog/rt...rsal-of-holler

    We will be going live at 12.15pm Wednesday 21st August. Talk to you all then!


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