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    Default namecheck, or any other tenant background checks?

    hi all, after 10 years of having our rental properties managed we are reorganising things and selling the out of town assets in order to develop a site close to home. we have decided to manage ourselves. will have 4 tenancies. having not self managed before i thought it might be prudent to get credit checks and a tenant background check of some kind done. i have found a website called namecheck.co.nz which claims to search all tenancy tribunal cases for names and do some other checks also. has anyone got any experience with this or can recommend a service?

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    You can search all the orders online for free by going to the following;


    Never heard of namecheck but I use these guys and there reporting is very comprehensive so I find them great; https://www.tenancy.co.nz/tenantcheck/

    Social media checks along with running their name on a google search are other good resources to use...make sure you vet all persons 18 years and over that intend to reside in the property as well...
    Fraser Wilkinson
    Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua


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