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    Default Estimated property value by ANZ dropped

    Hope anyone here can enlighten me what could be happening before I talked to the bank. I noticed the Estimated property value reported by ANZ for my property in Hamilton dropped drastically after the cut in ORC. Few weeks ago, when I logged into my account and check my home loan, and Your Property, the Estimated property value was $500k (range $485k - $515K) but few days ago it is

    Estimated property value

    Estimate range: $406k $422k
    Estimate date: 11 Aug 2019

    Have been waiting to use equity on this house and this is not looking good!

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    That's just computer generated. They'll want a valuation of you decided to do something. That'll be more accurate

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    Right, was just thinking too fast

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    go to homes.co.nz and put in your address - that is reasonably accurate based on recent sales data


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