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    Default investing 600-700k

    Looking for advice on investing 600-700k that will provide an income to contribute to retirement apartment costs. Thinking of 2/3 bed apartment in Hobsonville Point or house in West Harbour. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
    Should have added this is for now - buying into retirement village and pension will cover most expenses. The 6-700k would hopefully generate income so not just being reduced by village fees. TIA
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    Go for shares.

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    Hi Alaska,

    Get advice on the numbers specific to you and your position. I.e. when you retire, what income you need when you retire, what's going to perform the best between now and then. So many variables to consider. Shares are taking a hit and likely to for the next few years and then come good so your $$ could have good purchasing power in a bear market. However property usually outperforms shares so why go for shares - can you leverage the share portfolio like you can property? Again depends on your personal situation and financial position.

    Personally I prefer the standalone house over an apartment.


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    Titahi Bay Wellington

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    Diversify. Don't put it all into one property and don't leverage. Have a look at Augusta Industrial Fund or Provincia Property Fund (via Newland Burling). Also consider Zagga and good dividend yielding shares on NZX or ASX. All easy entry and easy to manage. Most are also easy exit if you want to draw down some of your capital at some stage. Property doesn't offer that.

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    I agree with MargVan


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