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    Quote Originally Posted by FJW View Post
    Its not uncommon to get a 6 month fixed term lease....the rent by the room that I look after the tenants are all middle aged and have been there for years and counting...but as mentioned, you put someone in that doesn't fit with the rest of the dynamics and things errupt
    You can minimize that downside. The current occupants need to meet the new prospect. If any are not comfortable with the fit then it's not the right person.

    If anyone steps out of line then just give notice to move out.

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    Hi. I have been renting by the room for the last 5 years. I own a 6 bedroom 2 tb which I am now selling due to planning on shifting to stock market investment. By experience its quite lucrative. All 5 years have been positively geared and costs to leasing is low about an average of $ 300-500 a year. Its rather easy to get tenants from trademe and they are mostly visitors on working holidays and students which we prefer. We have 3-4 tenants staying more than 3 years and only leave due to changes in circumstances like job transfer to another city. Our biggest cost is a repaint of the unit which cost around $3k.


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