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    Default Containers on shared park area

    One of our tenant has put up containers at the back of the property to expand their cafe. the container now house the kitchen, bathroom and more sitting area. The review is coming up. Am i able to increase the rent so it includes the area that are using at the back?

    More information:

    the property is rented by 3 tenants. Each tenant is renting a set amount of a building with wall inbetween but the back area is a shared parking area for staff.

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    I think you need to have a chat with them. They seem to have taken shared property for their own use.

    Are your other tenants complaining?
    Squadly dinky do!

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    If it's part of a shared area that's in question and you're raising his rent to make up for his over stepping, will you be reducing the rent for the other tenants who have lost access to that portion of the shared area?

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    He shouldn't reduce the rent for the other tenants.
    That would be silly.
    Don't disturb their agreements.
    Just increase it for the naughty tenant.
    This is business.

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    1: What does the licence to occupy or lease say ?
    2:If you are already leasing to them then the rent review would just cover the premises and yard .
    3:Has the market rental gone up
    4: is it the 4th ed ADLS lease

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    Yeah when you say at the back do you mean the car parks?


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