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    Default shelving unit and floor load

    Hi all

    I am building a combined TV unit and bookshelf in my 1940's house. After doing some quick sums it the unit will conservatively weigh around 200 kg + books/tv etc (allow another 100kg) bringing it to 300 kg in total. The unit will cover a floor area of 1.4 m2 (2.4m wide x 0.6 m deep).

    Do you think I need to be concerned about floor loading with this unit? and if so what could i do to mitigate the floor load.

    I found a reference to the current NZ building code stating that floors should be designed for max 300 kg/m2. My house is 1940's on timber piles and rimu floor boards.

    any help would be much appreciated


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    you need to get this into perspective

    you are talking 3 x 100kg men standing in a row. Your 300 kg is only 208 kg per m2. Your cocktail party will have more loads

    also the wall is likely supported so the load is not on the middle of the joists where the loads would have more effect. (check underneath if you can and see whether there are pile or bearers near your wall. Also live loads like the 3 big men are dynamic whereas a shelf is static and a dead load.

    I dont know where you get 300 kg/m2 that would be a heavy commercial floor. The usual domestic floor is 1.5kPa which is around 150kg per m2

    Heavy storage as in filing cabinets and commercial file rooms can be a problem but not your wall shelf unit?


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