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    Hi Jack , ive owned a few of these and currently live in a poly plastered house and have had no problems except having to plaster any cracks when time to sell and repaint.
    Hey if your buying to rent and hold , who cares , it will appreciate as fast as anything else as time has proven for my portfolio.
    regards Gavin

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    is repairing cracked plaster over vented cavity a simple task?
    i've also heard of people plastering over weatherboards (old house, then someone just put plaster over it)!

    not talking about plaster over brick/concrete, but plaster by itself or plaster over weatherboard.


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    No, stay away from plaster homes.

    Stigma will always remain with plaster homes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLin View Post
    No, stay away from plaster homes.

    Stigma will always remain with plaster homes.

    Yes but the price is still the same


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