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    Unhappy Privacy guidelines

    I am interested to hear from PMs regarding the privacy changes - see Property Talk - new landlord guidelines: what you cant ask tenants on the side bar....

    Have PMS changes tenancy application forms because of this change?

    Seems ridiculous that we cant ask for drivers licence details - how do we do credit checks???? and cant ask details of last tenancy...? can someone break this down for me as I cant see how we can chose tenants without this type on information...

    Thanks in advance

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    Here's the link Lauren is referring to: New Privacy Guidelines


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    After a backlash aka egg on face, the Privacy Commissioner withdrew the guidelines and is taking another look. Including a spot of consultation within the industry, apparently.

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    yes thats the link I have read, just wondering what PMs are doing in response to this and what everyones thoughts are on it... seems ridiculous to me

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    Fantastic!! phew!

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    Recommendations can just remain that.

    We operate within the law.

    The law says different.

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    Property managers told not to go through prospective tenants' bank statements
    19 Aug 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuff
    Property managers and landlords are being told not to perform the "KFC test" on prospective tenants. Rachel Kann told the committee it was common to see lots of payments to KFC and for things tenants couldn't afford. "I don't just want to put a tenant into a property and no sooner have they been put in they can't afford the rent," she said. The Privacy Commissioner has now released guidelines for people placing new tenants in properties, showing what is and is not okay to ask for.
    As Keys has observed, the law and guidelines differ.
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    Concerns new guidelines for landlords won't protect tenants
    19 Aug 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuff
    The Privacy Commissioner, John Edwards, said, "If they [landlords] say that they [the guidelines] don't work for them in a particular circumstance and they want to take a risk of a complaint to our office or to one of the other agencies like the Human Rights Commission that is an option that's open to them," he said. "But we're saying look, if you stick to these guidelines, you're probably pretty safe."
    So there you have it: taking a complaint to the PC will be risky and you'll probably be safe, if you follow version two of the spew.

    At least Edwards admitted that version 2 had come after a belated engagement with the industry. That being bureaucrat-speak for shooting from the lip, with no meaningful consultation, for the first benighted attempt.

    Bumbling bloody-minded bureaucrats. The sooner that one's put out to pasture, the sooner taxpayers might get some value for money.
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