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    Default Australian Mortgage on a NZ property?

    Would anyone know if it is possible to obtain an Australian Mortgage on an NZ property. I own an NZ property but would like to borrow against it using an Australian Company. Hs anyone out there done this or will it be like running the Grand National??

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    Hey - not my area of specialty, but just thought I'd answer this since no one else has.

    You will have a lot of trouble borrowing in AUD using an Australian bank on a New Zealand property. It's probably possible I guess, but I've never seen it done, always way too hard.

    But if your Australian company owns the property you could try getting a New Zealand mortgage and then transferring the money over to Australia. Should be doable. Do open yourself up to exchange rate risk, but the NZD is pretty strong against the AUD right now.
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    Borrowing in a foreign currency without some sort of swap or hedge in place is a major risk for companies let alone for a mortgage on residential property. The problem with it is that your income is in one currency and your major outgoings will be denominated in the other so if the exchange rate moves against you you can quickly get into trouble. This sort of cash flow problem also occurs on a bigger scale when developing nations have a currency crisis. Usually they have their loans that are usually denominated in US dollars and so when their own currency naturally drops the loan payments required as measured in their own currency are much larger.

    Mortgage borrowers in Iceland are still trying to resolve problems with foreign currency denominated mortgage loans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOb4gRZVJCs

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    You need security against the mortgage, I don't think banks can do cross country loans yet in Australia and NZ.


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