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    Default Basement/Apartment conversion Wellington

    Hi Team,

    I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations for a company to take on a basement conversion project in Wellington.
    Because of the house/basement's construction, I would probably consider this more like a high-rise apartment fitout rather than a traditional basement as such.

    Just for clarity, the basement is a "Shell" and is entirely concrete (floor, ceiling and walls - if you think of a commercial build, this is what it's like), with a full back wall (built in to the hill) and 2 partial side walls and no front wall at all.
    The two upper floors of the house are supported by the full back and partial side walls, and also 4 internal circular concrete columns in the basement area (which are very annoying!).
    The front "wall" has great views and would benefit from as much glazing as possible, with indoor/outdoor considerations.
    The house is built on the side of a hill and is mostly north facing.

    There's an opportunity to consider as many passive heating features as possible in the design.

    There's existing consent for convert to habitable dwelling.

    I have rough floor plans, but I am open to suggestion to cut costs and/or maximise investment etc.

    I'd be really happy to hear from anyone able to offer advice or a company that would be a good fit for me!

    It short, the project requires (at a very high level):
    Short External side walls (non-load-bearing) with an entrance doorway and 1 or 2 opening windows on each side.
    Glazing/Joinery - there's a long "feature" wall that would benefit by maximizing the view/light with floor to ceiling windows and also large external doors (leading to a small balcony).
    Construction of a small external balcony (higher than 1.5 meters, so will require consent)

    Internal Walls - preliminary floor plans for 2 x bedrooms and a bathroom. These are non-load-bearing walls.
    Bathroom Fitout (shower, toilet, Hot water tank and with tiling etc) and Plumbing (including connecting toilet to existing sewerage)
    Kitchen Fitout (possibly - although I prefer to use my own supplier for this)

    Flooring - yet to be decided, but either polished concrete, laminate flooring or carpet (or a combination)
    Ceiling - yet to be decided (may leave as concrete or may combine timber features to it)
    Electrical - I have a contractor
    Heating - yet to be decided (passive housing options?)
    Health/Safety regulations - I'll need some advice if insulation is still required here... and also any safety requirements (especially as one of the bedrooms will not have an external window)

    Site Access - a set of external stairs is envisioned (there's already a set there - it's just perilous).


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