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    To answer your questions ,
    I am not sure how it reads to you, itís how you interpret it.

    1. I havenít asked for your help, and thanks, but I donít need it.
    2. Block me if you feel the need.
    3. Ridicule me if you want
    4. Or assist me if you want. I donít mind.

    I see you have spent time helping your community. I also have, for the past 13 years. Donít be to quick to judge those who you donít know.

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    Why did you start this thread?
    Do you want to share your experience or are you asking for help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learning View Post
    Comes in all keen and full of promise but once the questions start coming he goes quite and stops responding.... yep, sounds like an experienced PM.  (The exception being current company of course.)
    haha I know what that's like!

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    Okay so what you may have worked out here Chip is ProperyTalk is an established forum (nearly 20 years old) and it has users with lots of experience in 'all things property investment' including running property management businesses. Our forums are for sharing information, experiences and insight. Oh and we sometimes have a laugh too.

    Thanks for joining and we look forward to your contribution.


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