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    Default Advice for Selling Property

    In 2013 I bought what I think was the last cheap house in Auckland. It was in Pukekohe, with 1257 sq m of land attached to it and am renting it out for 400 pw. I subsequently bought 3 houses in Hawkes Bay and am getting 210 pw from each. Last year I bought another house in Northland which is rented out for 350 pw. Currently I am constructing a 3 bedroom house on my property in Pukekohe.

    I am pretty much maxed out with the bank and suspect I may run out of money at the subdivision stage. I therefore want to sell one of my houses in Hawkes Bay for about 155K. It's getting me 210 pw, professionally managed, and I've never had a day's vacancy. The current tenant has been there for over 3 years and not a days trouble.

    I need advice on selling this perhaps by private sale or word of mouth? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

    PS Also any advice about the sale price would be welcome
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