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    Thanks for the tips guys..Root Control Tablets? I must look those up anyone used these?

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    Just an update on this and a $1500 bill for replacing a Y section sewage clay pipe.
    The blockage only ever occurred when the tenant would go away for a few days because tree roots had found their way inside the clay pipe joins and would dry up, becoming hard instead of flexible. When the tenant returned to the property and flushed the toilet, toilet paper then became stuck on the hard dry roots.

    It took a while to finally work out why this blockage was recurring only when the tenant took vacations.

    The plumber replaced the Y clay pipe section with a plastic one.

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    Did you get the tenant to pay?

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    [QUOTE=Keys;444434]Did you get the tenant to pay?[/QUOTE

    You're being facetious. I look after my tenants Keys.
    Perhaps you need to look after your landlords interests more, from your commentary aboard here and i have seen the higgledy piggledy layout of your TA's it would appear their is much room for improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keys View Post
    Did you get the tenant to pay?
    Nah, the plumber owns a carpet cleaning company. Gets so much business from MrSane's exiting tenants he did him a deal. ;-p


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