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    Default When should police become involved?

    I can't be specific, because the matter is awaiting tribunal.

    I have searched this forum and the tenancy tribunal for anything remotely resembling the current situation and find nothing. Anderson case, hold my beer!

    Perhaps some of you could mention acts a tenant could do that might interest the police. This will help me decide whether to involve them or not

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    If you believe there is a crime being committed.
    Or if you feel threatened or that a life is in danger.

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    I guess it does raise a question - can a tenant remove chattles from the property, provided they are returned in original condition, before the end of tenancy?

    In which case no theft has been committed until chattles are missing after the tenancy has ended.

    "I'm just taking the hot water cylinder and copper pipes for a walk. I'll bring them back soon." ;-)

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    When I was a tenant that was my attitude. I paid no attention to any tenancy inspection that commented on picture hooks being put in. I would simply tell them that I would make good at the end of the tenancy which I always did. No issue.

    I guess this is where the judgement of the PM came into it and how the tenant (me in this case) presented and articulated what was being done.

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    I just had a TT hearing whereby I claimed that the tenants had harassed my neighbours. Shared row houses very close together, late nights, car doors slamming and talking at 3am. Tenants throwing beer bottles and shellfish shells in 2 neighbours property, kids climbing fence and destroying trees to take fruit. Adjudicator said needed record of calls to Police etc of which there were none. However one of the aggrieved neighbours wrote an email which was attached to the application saying that they were close to issuing a trespass notice if it had carried on much longer. He is a cop and he mentioned that. Passed in under the radar, was ignored.


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