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    Default Shading analysis

    Hi PTers,

    We are designing a house using the alternate height to boundary and need to provide the council with a 'shading analysis' that shows that our neightbour's outdoor living space still gets at least 4 hours of sunlight between 9am-4pm. Does anyone know how to create a 'shading analysis'? Or which supplier can do it? We talked to a planner but they didn't know how to do one...

    Thanks guys

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    hmmm... surveyor may be?

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    Ask an architectural designer or draftsman. They can map the sun position over the year and do an analysis using this with the building heights and location.

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    King13 is correct, an architect/draftsman will be able to do this for you. They will model the bulk of your building in a 3D software (such as sketchup, Revit, Archicad etc.) and use sun analysis to work out shading over different times.

    If you are tech savy enough with software you can give it a go in sketchup - the basic version is free and will let you do this your self.


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