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    Default WGN For Villa Renovation Project Manager/Builder


    Me and my wife are currently finalising our architect drawings and will be collecting builder/tradesmen quotes next.

    We are looking for recommended builders and project managers that relate to our project.

    Where would we find a project manager , are there any recommendations and tips.

    We have 110m2 1900s Villa. 60m2 will change. Renovations will include new kitchen, extension, new bedroom, living room, heating, timber flooring, decking and everything else that goes in and around eg lighting , gas heater, plumbing , consent etc.

    This is our home and not a quicky ... so it has to be done right a well.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks Matt

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    do you really need a project manager? just somebody clipping the ticket, get a good builder and he can run the job probably better than some suit monkey with a hard hat on

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    Very big reno and many subbies involved. There are companies that are renovation specialists, so worth talking to a couple of them first. Your architect may have a view on them.

    Personally, I would suggest staging the reno at least in the beginning, picking off some standalone work to see how it is managed and finished.

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    Best bet would be to pick up a Project Manager on a contract basis. Builders are only on site part of the build these days and often they are overseen by a Project Manager./boss/builder.
    My husband is an experienced Project Manager and at times I suggest he could go back PM as an employee and have a nice life, salary, sick days, paid leave and a nice ute instead of running our own business.
    No thanks he says, too much running around wiping other subbies backsides and making sure they are at the job on time and have done the work properly.
    Plus these days alot of Project Managers manage from their office behind their computer inputting data into the gantt chart instead of going onsite and managing the job in person.
    My advise is to check the Certified Builders website for a couple of builders in the area that specialise in high end renovations and make contact. Sometimes they have an inhouse team that can do the lot.


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