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Thread: Renovation

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    Default Renovation

    Do we need a building consent for adding just one more new toilet either in the existing bathroom Or nearby in the laundry room area? Can any one kindly guide us ? If approval is required please advice some reputed builder in Auckland who can help.
    Thanks 🙏

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    you will need consent to add a toilet. you don't need a builder to get consent. Talk to the council

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    Composting toilet?

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    you dont need a consent if you substitute a sanitary fixture for another

    Under schedule 1 35. as long as a registered plumber does the work and the total number of fixtures is not increased then no consent required.

    Sanitary fixture includes showers handbasins tubs sinks and toilets. (this includes all the fixtures on the property)

    Can you be creative about what was there before? What do the council plans indicate, If this is unclear owner should get benefit of the doubt.

    as above you don't need a builder just a plumber. If you go for consent the cost of this will likely be more than the cost of the toilet installed. You will need plans drawn up and fees paid for consent and there is a time delay for consent and inspections required.

    At the end of the day who knows what was there before?


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