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    Default Large Patio Door - Wood or Aluminium ?

    Hi Guys

    Does anyone have a large doubled glazed patio door in their house ?

    I have quotes for both materials but can't decide which is best.

    Preference is wood (for the look) but am concerned it will warp over time or it might be too heavy. (w1300mm h2000mm x3 panels)

    Does anyone have pro's and con's on either wood or aluminium ?

    Many thanks Fever.

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    It all depends on your house. If you have a modern house with aluminium windows match the windows with an aluminium door. If you have an old villa with wooden windows use wood! Nothing devalues a house more than putting in a hodgepodge of mismatched joinery!

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    Agree, and you could go for a mix of both - aluminium on the outside and wood in the inside.


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    were the prices the same? usually timber is more expensive when glazing is taken into account and future maintenance is high.

    aluminium is more reliable and tenant friendly.

    if the detailing is sympathetic then there may be no devaluing due to mixed choice?
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    Its for a 1900's villa that me and my family live in. Timber is our preference based on look. But the aluminium quote is cheaper. Our biggest fear is the three stackable double glazed patio doors will warp over time and the door will get stuck. It will get full on sun and wind.

    We have been determined to maintain the character of the Villa but might have to compromise on these large doors.

    We've spotted Smartglass but we have found anyone who have had it installed and long enough for an assessment.

    Thanks Matt.

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    Aluminium with sympathetic details is better practical solution. It is not as it a purist could not replace them with timber in the future.


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