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    Default Crazy woman just moved in!

    We have a bedsit behind our house and just let it to a 56yo woman on a sickness benefit. In the first 2 weeks we have had:

    - being super pushy about giving her the flat and pushing for the old tenant to move out within 3 days
    - 17 phone calls, many of them after hours (such as during dinner tonight)
    - 4 knocks at the door (one at 9pm)
    - incessant nagging about a slow drip from toilet cistern (mentioned it 4x in a single day) and numerous other times (changed seals and added silicon but can't see evidence of any leak)
    - going to my other tenants and whining
    - asking me to do little jobs like carrying boxes on moving day and putting a curtain over a door
    - rudely going out just before a carpet cleaning appointment causing the cleaner to be angry
    - demanding a ramp be built and siting "health and safety issues" then immediately trying to act like we are best friends

    Passive aggressive, needy, attention seeking, neurotic, anxious and one hair away from being a stalker. I'm thinking of becoming an alcoholic.

    12 month lease. How do I get rid of her?


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