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    Default Where does WINZ bond go?

    Tenant is on WINZ. WINZ paid bond and 2 weeks rent directly to us. WINZ states that the bond is not returnable. So where does it go at the end of the tenancy? Tenant wants a signed bond form, but she didn't actually pay it. Why would WINZ need one? They know they paid. If the tenant gets the bond at the end, what's to stop them moving once a month and collecting bond every time

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    The tenant has to pay the bond back to WINZ, so it is their money. Just a loan being paid back to WINZ over time.

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    Hi Crashy,
    Yes Winz bond at the end of a tenancy goes back to the tenant. It must belodged with tenancy services under the tenants name and refunded when your happy with the outgoing inspection. Same would apply if there are damages, rent arrears etc, that can also come out of that bond lodged. Your right, there is nothing stopping the tenants from getting winz to pay their bond for every property they rent!! It is a loan from Winz and they do need to pay it back to them out of their weekly benefit.
    Hope this helps.


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