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    This is an open discussion.

    Any point of view, or idea, no matter how trivial or stupid or unpopular, will usually lead to an important understanding for all.
    But I can understand your reservations.

    How about the Hosking approach then?
    He may not be liked, but controversy gets chins a wagging.

    How about this..

    Call center workers, in third word countries, should pay tax in New Zealand, if they are doing live voice work in this country.

    The actual worker should be liable for a work visa and a new kind of remote P.A.Y.E

    The remote work should just as taxable as the local work.

    (Just the same way that throwing a rock at someone can get you to prison, despite the fact that the harm was done by an intermediate mechanism).

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    Disruptive technology.
    That's what they call the internet.

    It's pretty apparent ( after a small bit of thinking) that the Tax system hasn't understood how the Internet has changed work, property and money.
    Any government who fails to do so, is missing the opportunity the do the best for its citizens and responsibilities.

    Just think, by taxing remote call centers and remote wage earners, a country has a way to control it's own future better.
    It would stop all those annoying calls to and from people, who have no idea about our culture or customs
    Every time you want to deal with a big business, well you know.
    You will get actual customer service for a change.

    It would then promote local call centers and those workers would be buying local goods and services, while the companies would be renting local commercial buildings to put them in. Local geographic knowledge would save time also.

    No, stop, no need for your to develop the idea, i'll do it.
    Don't waste that free education on thinking, there's game of thrones to watch, perhaps another cat video on YouTube (ha).

    Data, a product of the internet, is also misunderstood.
    It's a real little package.

    Sure, not wrapped in brown paper, held with white string, and containing a woolly sweater from your favorite aunt in Canada, but still real.
    Very small, in great quantity, but still a real packet containing something of value.
    It needs to be treated as such, and taxed as such.

    Claude Shannon of Bell Labs even gave it a name. The bit.
    Bell knew they needed to price what they shifted.

    Think of the possibilities.
    Because Tax you see, at the government level, is mainly a tool to guide and steer human behavior.
    And I'm not even sure they have figured that out
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