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    Default Top quality listing - I'd be sure to rent from this landlord

    Just found this listing in my hood.

    A very proactive landlord who couldn't be bothered going to take photos of the place they just bought. They've got a copy of the local paper where someone had already taken photos... no need to do it again.


    If this is your listing... give yourself an uppercut

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    Sep 2007


    Maybe they can't get in to take photos yet?

    But then if that's the case, not sure what they'd do if someone wants to look through.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    May 2004


    Not available till 30 April. So may not be available to view or take pics yet. Definitely a bit odd but better than no pics.

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    Mar 2013


    Viewing started on the 29th. Now the 2nd and still the same photos.
    My blog. From personal experience.

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    May 2009


    Gosh. $550pw.


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