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    There are a lot of baby boomers, current and soon to be moving out of Auckland and buying in the regions. How much income do they bring in to the area? Not alot I would say. They have their living costs but they aren't working and so therefor not contributing in that sense to the economy.
    However having said that, experience in both Hawkes Bay and Whangarei currently are experiencing a shortage in the trades, which is just as well as there are a lot of tradeys moving out of Auckland to get work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ermat View Post
    Just an observation. I am based in the central north island. Cant help but notice positive changes in many rural nz towns that for as long back as I can remember have been very quiet locations. I suspect Aucklanders spreading their wings is the main reason. Anyway it is great to see some of these places finally waking up, for decades many rural towns were dull, at least from my perspective.
    Is the impact of property investors buying in these these rural towns having any impact?

    Kawerau residential real estate has seen some dramatic price rises in recent years.


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