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    Default SCAM Emails Variant

    Most of the posters on PT know how to spot scam emails and all the other too-good-to-be-true garbage. But there's a new variant that's been around for a while now and some of them are extremely clever.

    As far as I can tell it goes like this . . .

    1) It will [appear to] come from a retailer you might use. Briscoes, Countdown, New World, Harvey Norman, Whittakers, BMW, Customer Services, Gilette, Spark, Westfield, Flight Services, BP - on and on.

    2) The subject will have a number of common options. Claim a voucher; get paid for completing an opinion survey; your new xxphone awaits; this is you lucky day; because we appreciate you; we value your opinion - on and on.

    One that tempts with a $500 BP petrol voucher comes from PB Gift. (They can't even get BP around the right way!)

    3) These emails are not scams in the historical sense. From what I can tell, they are harvesting valid emails to create a huge database / list to sell to online marketers.

    How do they know that your email address is valid?

    4) Click on any link in the email and they gotcha.

    It matters not if you clicked on this

    . . . . or something similar.

    Your request will be ignored and your email address that you've just validated by clicking on the link, will be added to the database and sold.

    According to gooble maps, there is such a place as 616 Corporate Way in New York. Whether or not Suite 2-9092 exists and who might be in it, is another matter.

    The [html] source code in the emails, indicates the involvement of an entity called " http://specialgifts.club/" which resolves to a Panama address.

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    Google was showing the ads version. It was on NZH, Stuff etc. for ages.

    I just 'junk' mail spam and block the sender - I don't click on any 'unsubscribe' links as you're right Perry, before you know it your inbox is full of SPAM.


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