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    Default Change of named tenant

    My tenants have decided to separate. He has left and she is taking over the tenancy. They both agree to change the tenancy agreement to reflect this change. Should I charge for this?
    The circumstance have been "tricky".

    The departing tenant chose to pay the rent a few days after the tenancy started. (it was just after New Year so I allowed the delay to wait for the first payday). Since then, the few days "overdue" has not been paid. Now he has left, he is saying to take the overdue amount of $450 odd dollars from the bond when the tenancy ends. Should I allow this or push for the payment now?

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    1) Do not agree to any change in the tenancy
    2) Ask for the rent arrears to be paid, just as you normally would
    3) "if" you agree to remove the tenant, charge your normal hourly rate for all time involved in the change
    4) Remember, this is a contract. Signed willingly by all parties.
    5) You are running a business, treat it as such
    6) Social housing is what you pay taxes for


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