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    Despite a country-wide mass vaccination campaign, where more than a quarter of the population has had the needle, the most vulnerable group of children are still being kept away from the vaccines.
    Instead, many have been turning to traditional healers, including Fritz Alai'asa, who is running a clinic in Vaivase-Tai, in Apia.
    He claims his 'Kangen water', which is alkaline water processed through an expensive machine, is healing people of measles.
    Kangen Water is one of the most common home remedies.
    The water is being sold for 1 tala a litre, about 60 New Zealand cents.
    Edward Williams Junior is one Kangen Water seller. He spoke to Checkpoint and showed the water filtration system, which he had bought online from Australia.
    Snake-oil peddlers.
    While children die.

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    63 dead children in samoa, 1 family had 3 children die


    Measles has spread so rapidly in Samoa because only a small proportion of children has been vaccinated.
    The World Health Organisation estimates that just 31% of infants received the vaccine in 2018,
    down from 90% in 2013.
    Distrust of the health system was fuelled by the death last year of two babies who had mistakenly been administered a muscle relaxant along with the vaccine.
    In response, the government put measles vaccinations on hold.
    Anti-vax activists spread false rumours that hospitals were using faulty or expired vaccines and, as in other countries, repeated the debunked claim that immunisation is linked to autism.

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    have you defeated them?
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    The 2018 MMR problem does not adequately explain the low vax rates in Samoa, though it is frequently quoted. Overall Samoan vax rate before the outbreak was 40% for first jab, 28% for second jab. That means parents not taking their offspring for the jabs has been going on for a very long time.

    Some other Pacific Islands are reported as having 99% vax rates.

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    seems to me the tragic lessons being played out in samoa are;

    1 - the importance of "herd immunity"

    2 - the importance of believing scientists over self-appointed health-gurus

    3 - the need for local gov. to keep up attempts to provide free immunisations and education over the apathy of parents
    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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