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    Yip she nailed it but it won't make any difference.
    Anti-vaxers aren't using their brain - it is in being washed.

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    Two unborn babies have died after their mothers caught measles during the recent outbreak of the disease.

    Auckland health officials, in their latest update, confirmed five pregnant woman have caught measles and two of those foetuses died.
    I notice the anti-vaxxers are never interviewed now.
    Thank goodness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Kane View Post

    I notice the anti-vaxxers are never interviewed now.
    Thank goodness.
    A grandchild of a friend is now in hospital with measles. Too young to be vaccinated. Caught it out somewhere.
    Now some mothers are too afraid to go out.

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    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    One problem with this sort of 'discussion; is that the background (of either side) is not well [if at all] reported.
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