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Thread: A dark day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MargVan View Post
    I am now in my senior years. Me regrets for my generation are two-fold: that we failed to stop islam invading our cultures and the mis-use of plastic with its attendant effects on our enivronment and the species with whom we share our planet. The second is still not too late to solve. Our defence to the former is simply pretence that it doesn't exist.
    Hi Marg.
    Right now people are grieving.
    Maybe at a later time we can talk about your life experiences.

    I'd be very interested to hear your story.
    I think I could learn a lot..

    You'll just have to be careful how you phrase things , otherwise it could easily come off as hate speech.

    I'm sure you're just a normal person reacting to real situations in your daily life.
    And if you want to give me the benefit of that, well i'd be all ears.

    Now probably isn't the best time though.

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    Agreed. No matter how eloquent we aim to be, it's easy to be misunderstood. This happens all the time in most of our discussions. Our saving grace however, is most discussion here is on the topic of property - which is our comfort zone.

    What we do know is it's tough to make any sense of what has happened in Christchurch and we want to discuss it. Many of us will be going through the stages of grief even if we don't recognise it, so I believe we need to be more tolerant and sensitive when participating on these less comfortable topics. Preview what you've written and consider its possible impact on other posters before hitting the 'send' button. You can also edit your post within 10 mins of posting it too - I tend to do this often.


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