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    Quote Originally Posted by Learning View Post
    They could be signs of settling. My parents house "settled" within the first couple years of being finished. One hairline crack in the kitchen and another in the entrance way. Neither have grown in the last 20 years.
    Our garage has quite a few hairline cracks after 2 years. We are in a flood plain and the soil is very wet so can only be expected. We compacted the ground to within an inch of its life but still got them.
    We will eventually apply an epoxy resin to them which is noticeable but at least it plugs the gaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meehole View Post
    Are you suggesting that the subsidence will fix itself and the gaps will close up without the intervention of an underpin or a slabjack?
    What is a defect in your opinion John? Hairline or step cracking in bricks or blocks is often related to foundation issues, or am I wrong again?
    If so then I should sell my business of fixing foundations.
    Shrinking clay that then expands in winter is a normal occurance (and yes will cirrect itself). A properly designed foundation can allow for this if sufficient depth is attained for example) That is why Auckland foundations are 450-600 deep compared to other part NZ. 300?) or a rib-raft used to float on top of it all

    A hairline crack is not a sign of subsidence and is expected in a rigid fabric, Step cracks means the movement is following the weaker joint in blocks?
    This is not a defect (as such)

    Subsidence means ground is being undermined or eroded or slumping what ever leaving foundation unsupported (permanently and getting progressively worse)

    This is a defect when that happens. call meehole


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