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    Default Relocated without permits or consents

    We relocated a small 60m2 single bedroom bungalow without consent or permits.

    We're applying for a cert of acceptance now.

    Has anyone been through this procedure?

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    Hmmm, this could be tricky.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Could be difficult.

    You’d need a whole lot of photos of the drainage and other services work when it was done as a minimum. You’d also need your LBP to sign off on the foundation work again with photos.

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    you only need the consent for foundations (if any) and connection to waste. Dont let them overcook the scope of work. Energy work is self certified.

    It should be straight forward, but varies depending on council and their attitude and permissiveness, Some are determined to make CoA as hard as possible to disincentive people from not getting consents.
    What area are you in?

    Dont tell them who did the work or they make be tempted to prosecute them.

    Remember that under the building act they cant make you remove the work so dont stress if they refuse you, Have you addressed planning issues?

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    As JTB says, the relocation of the house itself doesn't need a consent, and there is case law to back this up. As long as the foundation and services work is up to scratch, you should be ok that way.

    The bigger concern would be any resource consent that may have been required. Was one?
    My blog. From personal experience.


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