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    Default Tenancy Case Manager Specialist -Mobile - on case by case basis - in Auckland ?

    Hello Team

    We are mom and dad investors and have been managing over 30 rentals that we personally own by LTC and FT plus few of our friends and family ( whilst they traveling overseas ) over the past 20 yrs and it has been a successful journey so far!

    Specially after having nasty experiences by having property managers due to their pure neglegence causing us over $10k loss from one property by Barefoot managed rentals and Angls to name a few, we decided to set up management by ourselves and set up robust systems and manage tenants/rentals ourselves, and it has been a great success.

    As we are busy engaging on other projects like subdivisions and JV and sometimes traveling couple weeks away, it is only every now and then it needs a bit more hands on approach - may be once in 2-3 yrs for one Tenancy(out of 30 ) (where in particular, for an example, where may be a solo mom paying through winz redirection trying to cut corners or needing to get her back on track & deal with her for couple weeks till it is achieved - rather escalating to TT Hearing which is 98% of the time , useless but managing within which is possible and this is what we have been doing through out by FTO and similar and executing payment plans and or terminating by mutually agreeing with Tenants. )

    Hence, been wondering is there any recommended experienced Mobile Tenant Manager or Case Manager Specialists , Experts in Auckland or there around, that we can hire may be on case by case basis (of course, knowing all paper work / like 14 day notices, 90 notices , even Guarantor forms duly managed / maintenences to the property has been reasonably managed through out so nothing outstanding from Landlords point of view, even Tenant NOK records and previous rentals etc and IDs etc all records /communications with tenants being in order ) . So it is a one off payment, for his/her time for the case (of course, depending the case) say, not less than $250 for bringing the Tenants back on track/ up to date?

    Of course , where there are lapses in records/communications/maintenences and Tenants and Landlords have been on constant battle or constant disagreements, if landlord has been at fault then this sort of arrangement might not work and TT Hearing may the way to go forward.

    However, with experienced private landlord experts who at times need someone's 'help' , merely TP involvement where Tenants sometimes feel less challenged& happy, this may be a practical less cumbersome solution - and we have done similar in the last 10yrs with one of the old friends, a private land owner with vast wisdom and knowledge and very people person who now left for Perth to live for a while, so we have been looking someone similar to replace him.

    Let me know if recommendations of similar Tenancy Experts in Auckland that work for the landlord and Tenant, on case by case basis and paid by landlord for the completion of the case ?

    What's your experiences like and any pros and cons ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you !

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    Hi Anita.

    I recommend calling Pukeko Rental Managers. I believed they can help you. 0508 785 356.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anita View Post
    Looking forward to hearing from you !
    Just be aware that the number of [glowing] referrals by Arpoo to a certain PM coy may indicate more than just some PI who got a great deal from them.
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