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    Default See The Big Picture Before Mapping Your Next Step

    *APIA Members Only Meeting* NZPIF Connect #1

    Community Board Meeting Room, Birkenhead Library, Nell Fisher Reserve, Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead
    6.30 pm to 8.30 pm 27-Feb-2019


    If you are investing for the long term then you cannot afford to be blind to the environment within which you operate. It is one thing to know enough to make smart decisions; it is quite another to piece these decisions together so that, incrementally, they deliver you the end outcome you desire. Understanding the market context as well as current socio-political trends puts you firmly in control of your investment journey.

    Come along to our first ever NZPIF Connect event to meet and network with APIA Vice President (and point man on the NZPIF board), Peter Lewis. Peter will be giving summary updates of NZPIF's activities, its policy objectives and best practice suggestions to expand your horizon and give you the clarity you need to make good decisions going forward.

    Talking points:

    - Summary of recent NZPIF activities;

    - Major policy issues facing property investors, their intended and unintended consequences and NZPIF action plan to represent your interest on the national stage;

    - Topical issues to be discussed include ring-fencing, healthy homes, capital gains tax, and Tenancy Tribunal

    - Best practice suggestions to help you comply with new investor/landlord requirements;

    - Discussion forum to give feedback, share experience and talk-through any coalface challenges you may have.


    Peter Lewis - Vice President of the Auckland Property Investors' Association;
    Vice President of the New Zealand Property Investors' Federation,
    Northern Area Representative of the New Zealand Property Investors' Federation;
    Full-time investor and landlord .

    This is an Auckland Property Investors Association 'Members Only' event.

    For APIA membership options, see



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