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    Default Recommendations for online property management course

    Hi all

    I am currently managing our investment with two separate tenancies on my own. Things are going good but we have recently acquired another investment property with two separate tenancies and I would like to do an online course that would explain better the ins and outs of property management to me. I think I would feel more confident with the whole process if I did a course.

    Have any of you attended such a course? I would really appreciate a recommendation for a good one if you know it!

    Thank you in advance!

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    HI Ceca, Just wondering did you manage to find anything online ? There is very little here in NZ to learn property management other than university.


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    Hi! I know that in AU you can obtain a real estate license within one year online. I found that in NZ its only on campus.

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    Hi Ceca,
    There are property management courses available. Skills has one at level 3 which is entry which would be perfect to start on and then level 4. Its all done online. It cost around $800 when I did it. Open polytechnic may also be an option as well. You will definitely learn all the ins and outs you will need to know! Good luck!

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    Hi Ceca04,

    Not sure if this would be of interest to you?


    They are offering courses that gets you a qualification in property management, I've got one of my seniors on it and the feed back is all positive from her

    Fraser Wilkinson
    Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua


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