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    Default Resource consent for DIY deck?

    Kia ora
    I'm hoping someone can tell me if resource consent and/or neighbour permission is required for the following DIY build:
    • Slightly raised deck .30cm off the ground covering entire back garden of a two storey terraced house (situated in a row of four, in an Auckland residential mixed housing urban zone).
    • The size of the ground floor area is 37m2 and the garden is approx 23m2. Total hard space is approx 70m2.
    • Decking will cover entire garden area flush with shared fences of two other properties and can be seen from upstairs floors of other properties.

    I look forward to hearing advice. Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by from duplicate post
    I'm hoping to get some advice as to whether our 3 neighbours should have obtained resource consent to build out their entire back gardens with DIY decking. The mid density community requires residents to be mindful of noise, however the owners who built the decks are not considerate - they breached noise restrictions during the build and we're now having issues with ongoing noise as the deck combined with solid fencing has created unbearable echo when they are using their decks.

    These decks are built on properties that are two storey terraced housing in a residential mixed housing urban zone in mid density Hobsonville Point, Auckland.

    This decking is raised approx 0.30cm in height and is flush with outer shared fences of 3 other properties. (I have an image of the plan with the decks indicated but cannot attach.) Total ground floor area is 36.9m2 and the decks cover approx one third of the hard space. There is no longer green space on any of the properties in question.

    Can someone please advise if these decks are legal/do they require resource consent?

    Do they comply with: building coverage, hard space, green space, outlook space from neighbours habitable rooms and minimum boundary allowance regulations?
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    talk to council planner, usually building under 500 high doesnt count but they may have impinged the building coverage or impermeable ground rules? and if so could be made to remove?


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