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    Post Decramastic stone coated steel roof restoration


    I bought house to renovate and resell that has a Decramastic roof on it from the mid 90s. My preference would be to restore or paint it as it is green (not great for resale) and replacing it would be quite expensive. Does anyone know of qualified contractors in the US who do this sort of work? Thanks in advance.

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    We looked at this. Turned out it had asbestos in it. It was cheaper to replace than repair, but we had to have asbestos removal people remove it safely. Having said that they turned up with all the breathing gear and space suits but after about an hour they had taken all the safety gear off and were throwing it about the place . They did take it all away wrapped in plastic and presumably disposed of it at a special site although given their disregard for their personal safety I suspect the plastic was camouflage and they just took it to the normal dump.


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