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    Default Manage subdivision yourself or use subdivision company?

    Hi there,

    I've started looking into subdividing my land, and I see there are lots of companies which offer to do the whole thing for you (e.g., 'wesubdivide.co.nz', keith hay homes). I'm unsure how to get the ball rolling, but from some googling it seems some people recommend first engaging a surveyor (I think to do a feasibility report), while others say engage a planner in the first instance.

    Can anyone provide advice on the first step I should be taking towards subdividing - talking to a planner, surveyor, or someone/something else?

    I'm a total newbie with subdivision and have a couple of questions. Any advice much appreciated!
    - If you have no experience with subdivision, is it a good idea to use a company like this which can manage the whole thing for you?
    - Any idea what the premium of a service like this would be over and above just managing the subdivision yourself?
    - Is it even possible for a newbie like me to manage a subdivision myself (including probably adding a house), or if you have no experience is a project management company essential?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Dear Jon

    I would suggest that you talk to a surveyor. They will know the minimum lot size for that area/zoning and what could be possible on that site. They will also be able to provide subdivision costs and associated extra fees. Site size determines what can happen. A planner tells you what you can do/build on that site.


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    Dear Jon

    Yes you can do the subdivision yourself. Just make sure that you have services to the boundary of the site to be surveyed. A project management company is not essential. If you are good with details you can do it. You will be stepped through the process by the surveyor and your lawyer.

    i have just completed a boundary adjustment. ie shifting a boundary 300mm. This affected the easements of 4 properties. By doing this boundary adjustment I can build on the backyard. Each subdivison has its own fish hooks and costs.

    You could speak to a subdivision company for an estimate of costs. This will be on top of Survey and legal costs.

    You probably need to work out what you want to do with the subdivision.

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    Engage with several surveyors for a quote. Usually good one will give you step by step guide with all associated costs. You don't need a "company"

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    Surveyor. You don't need a planner for subdivision

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    The company you quoted wants the work to also build your house

    If it's just a simple subdivision then yes a surveyor is your first point of call. The advice to get several quotes is a good idea.

    If on the other hand someone was developing a multi-house subdivision with road lots then this would require more work in conjunction with a surveyor.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice

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    I see a lot of advice that if you want to subdivide, you should talk to surveyor or the architect.
    As a Civil Engineer specialized in Land Development which process hundred of small and medium subdivision projects so far, I would be afraid that is not the best and proper approach.

    The first thing you want to check will be the planning rule which tells you which zone for your section and what requirement in that zone. Bear in mind that Auckland Unitary Plan no longer required minimum lot size if you can present a house design to Council. A Planner is the best first contact point because they can tell you what exactly how the Council will require your Resource Consent (RC) application. This will avoid a heap of delay later on for S92 RFI from the Council.
    Second contact point is a Civil Engineer specialized in Land Development which can tell whether existing infrastructure (stormwater, wastewater, watersupply) in the surrounding area can service your subdivision, or if the property is located in Overland Flow Path/ Flood Plain (or any other Natural Hazard) area, he can tell if there is a measure to protect the future building. Council nowadays will look at your RC application very seriously because there is more awareness of the potential or real environmental effects of subdivision activities. A lot of applications were rejected or seriously delayed because of engineering and environmental questions need to be clarified by the Council before they stamp the approval in your Consent. How to avoid? A preliminary engineering assessment will let you know if there are potential engineering issues for your development.
    Lots more to say, but be prudent, Land Development in NZ is not an easy game, you need specialists and advisers to make it work and protect your money.
    Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
    Mark D

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    Thanks for the advice Mark

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    Just make sure you are sitting down when you discuss the cost's $$$$.


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