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Thread: Rent Collection

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    Default Rent Collection

    Hi all,
    Our tenant has missed a weeks rent and I want to know what options I have. Am I allowed to charge a small collection fee for the time and trouble of following this up. I have made him aware of the missed rent, replied to texts including having to remind him our bank account number. We have still not got the money and talking to him doesn't seem to have any effect. Thanks, all advice and comments gratefully received.

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    Have you issued a 14 day notice?

    Or a 90 day notice if periodic tenancy (90 days or earlier if ordered by the Tenancy Tribunal). You can cancel the notice if tenant pays correctly ongoing.

    Missing even a week's rent and not paying despite follow ups is a big red flag.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of residential property investment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HouseWorks View Post
    Am I allowed to charge a small collection fee for the time and trouble of following this up?
    AFAIK, you cannot do that - so no.
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    If we could, I'm sure there would be fewer cases of missed rent. For some, paying the rent would suddenly be a priority over Xmas presents/Xmas holiday and lead to better budgeting!
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    issued a 14 day notice then if still unpaid follow it up with TT
    My last property was left in a mess, and it took me 2 days to clean up ( at the same time muttering I dont need this !) for an urgent and better tenant.

    Can I.... I just sucked it up and did it my self.... read life as a landlord thread
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