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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsaneperson View Post
    We're not talking big holes Ross we're talking about some slight deviance in a footpath that was leading into a building site whereby a frail man in a mobility scooter somehow fell off and may have contributed in some way to his own demise.
    How unsafe was the footpath deemed? You're missing perspective. Nothing is 100% safe .

    Did you travel on the road today , were there any slight deviance's in the tar seal , the steps entering your building have they been checked and warranted, what about that pie you ate, are you sure you read the use-by date correctly. Maybe the printing on it was too small, so you didn't read it right ?

    What about those numbers you crunched today ?Did someone re-check them? And then maybe did someone else recheck the recheck? Somehow maybe you made a mistake and it cost someone dearly and heavily ,how much do you think you should pay for causing so much stress,that as a result your client died of a heart attack ?
    200K sound about right?
    Yes - Our financial statements and tax returns have a double review process! Also numbers part isn't health and safety! Yes if the steps entering our building were unsafe, and someone died I would probably personally be liable under health and safety. It is my job ultimately to ensure my staff, clients and visitors are safe. If someone died as a result of our office being unsafe, I think a $200k fine is probably on the low side. How much is a human life worth? Getting back on topic;

    You obviously inspected this site yourself at the time of the accident?

    So you know for a fact it was only a slight deviance?

    The qualified experts who under took the investigation and had full access to the site and all information, must know less than you?

    Overall I'm kind of appalled this conversation is even coming up, and that $200k fine is being thought too much for someone's life!

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    mrsaneperson is it obvious to me that you do not work in the construction sector. As one that does and spends alot of time and money ensuring our workers and business complies with the law, the building company got a fine that was fair and just under the circumstances.
    There are many building firms and builders that cut corners in order to save a dollar and increase their profit margins. God forbid that it should be a family member of yours that suffers the same fate down the track. It is a possibility, never say never.
    You haven't answered my question about whether you notified the relevant TA about the concrete slab footpath that needs jacking.

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    Safety safety safety.

    It'll be the ruin of us.

    We used to get sh*t done in this country without excessive hand ringing about every little thing.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    3 wheel scooter no doubt. should be banned. Unstable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsaneperson View Post
    How safe is safe?
    You cannot just make a call that everything in this world has to be 100% safe ,its unrealistic and the time,energy and cost factor involved in doing so creates far more deaths in the process as costs and stress levels rise exponentially . Everything has perspective.
    There is no such thing as safe. There are only varying degrees of risk. The company was fined, primarily, for failing to identify and manage the risk.


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