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    Default tiny house - your advice

    I own a house which has a flat terrace behind it. There’s currently a 9.5 sqm sleepout (with power) on it.
    I’ve been doing a lot of research about tiny homes, self-contained buildings and had made the decision to build two structures under ten sqm each (one bedroom/bathroom and one kitchen/living) connected by a deck in order to fit into the sleepout category and therefore not need resource or building consent. I plan to have a composting toilet and gas bottle for the shower and a hot plate but I’d do that knowing that I’m pretty much breaking the ‘no sanitation facilities or kitchen’ rule of the building act.
    My family were more keen on me building a 20sqm building and fully going through the resource and building consent process. Either way we’d be doing it ourselves (minus electrical and necessary plumbing)
    However, I’m finding it really hard to get estimates of how much this may cost even after combing the consent pages and blogs I could find. Some estimates put it at over $20,000 in fees alone which is just not possible for me. I’m also finding it hard to get info on whether sub dividing, earthworks consent, engineering reports and assessment of parking is needed (one post I found said you had to have proof of a carpark or otherwise pay the council to assess your traffic for a week to prove that there’s off street parking readily available?).
    Another suggestion I’ve had is to go through the process of getting consent for a 20 sqm bedroom and study and that this should be pretty straight forward (and cheap) because of there not being water or sewerage systems. I could then add in the composting toilet and hot plate in afterwards.
    Of course this would mean I’d have issues with insurance should a fire happen but I’d have to run that risk.
    So my question is, does anyone have any recent experience of building anything like this? Wellington specific would be especially good
    I see and hear of a lot of tiny homes around but they’re unconsented ones or are on wheels (so in a different category).

    Thanks for any advice

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    too much information, narrow your focus

    prefabricated cabins dont need building consent except for work on site. Put on wheels and short term stay and not a building.

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    Thanks for your reply. In our case we can't do prefab as we're saving costs by doing the build ourselves. And we don't fit under the transportable rule because we would be considered 'living permanently'.

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    Can this be parked on an existing tenanted property?

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    I can't do a trailer type arrangement because the structure will be on a terrace behind a house and the terrace can only be accessed by narrow steps

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    What's the purpose of your enterprise?

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    Personally, I would never do anything illegal. It will catch up on you in one way or another and it's just not worth the risk.

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    They are guidelines?

    Aston have you never experienced the thrill of driving at 51 kph in a built up area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluecoat View Post
    Can this be parked on an existing tenanted property?
    I didn't quite finish the question.
    Mate wants to put up a tiny house in an existing tenanted
    What are the implications of this as far as Tenancy is concerned. Is there anything to be mindful or is it similar to minor dwelling, with separate TA?

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    Wild child over here.

    Quote Originally Posted by John the builder View Post
    Aston have you never experienced the thrill of driving at 51 kph in a built up area?
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